SkyHype is an invite-only platform that distinguishes it as a creator-centric tool. One link that contains all your links, social media platforms, and much more. It enables you to display all of the content you want to link to, using a unique URL — no need to update your bio link — as well as a custom landing page, allowing you to maintain brand consistency. Not only on Instagram but on a variety of other websites as well. However, multiple links cannot always be posted on social media platforms at the same time. In this case, a SkyHype is extremely useful.

SkyHype allows creators to create custom backgrounds, allowing them to customize the look of their profile. Instead of using solid colors, you can customize your profile picture and feel.

The fact that SkyHype is an invite-only platform makes it a creator-centric tool, so it is exclusive for creators. A creator can invite peers who have the potential to grow and should diversify. Whereas social links are only available to Pro users in some bio-link tools, SkyHype allows users to display all of their social media platforms on one screen for free. With SkyHype’s simple setup you can access analytics; that help you know your audience better.