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SkyHype’s easy setup gives you access to customized backgrounds. You select the picture and the feel of your profile instead of solid colors.

As anyone who has tried to market their business on Instagram will know, one of the most frustrating aspects of the platform is that you can only include one link in your bio.

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This isn’t ideal if you’re trying to promote different things at the same time, so what now? Will you simply give up and accept your limitations?

Certainly not! As a creative individual and savvy marketer, you’ll look for a workaround – and that’s where ‘link-in-profile’ tools like Linktree come in.

However, Linktree may not have all of the features you require. In that case, don’t worry, because we bring to you the best Linktree alternative for Instagram. Let’s get this party started!

Benefits of using  a link-in-profile tool

Before we dive into how SkyHype is the Linktree alternative you are looking for, let us first take a look at why you should use a link-in-profile tool.

Link-in-profile tools are an essential Instagram marketing tool for any brand or influencer, and they provide several significant advantages:

  1. Cross-platform Promotion– you can cross-promote using the tool by linking to your other social pages.
  1. Increased CTR (click-through rate)– providing your Instagram audience with more click options increases the likelihood that they will actually click through, boosting your CTR, one of the most important Instagram metrics.
  1. More Targeted- having more links to choose from allows you to run more targeted Instagram campaigns, with different links aimed at different buyer personas.
  1. More Affiliate Sales- you can add one (or more) affiliate links to your custom landing page in addition to your personal/branded links.
  1. Better Branding– for improved branding and visual identity, you can include brand images on your landing page.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is one of the most popular link-in-bio tools.  At its core, it is simply a tool that allows you to create a free landing page and generates a link to that landing page for you to place in your Instagram profile.

What’s great about Linktree is that you can personalize your multi-link landing page by including your Instagram profile and name at the top.

It was very user-friendly, simple to set up, and included some very basic statistics.

But it isn’t perfect;

Linktree was a smash hit when it first hit the market in 2016. Since then, a slew of similar tools have sprung up, all hoping for a piece of the action. Many of them have attempted to improve on Linktree by providing extra features that Linktree does not, such as the ability to add images to your links.

What is SkyHype?

SkyHype is an invite-only link in bio tool that not only allows you to display your platforms on one screen but also allows you to showcase your best work to your audience.

SkyHype allows you to display all of the content you want to link to, using a unique URL — no need to update your bio link; and a custom landing page, allowing you to maintain brand consistency.

Not only on Instagram but also on a number of other websites. Multiple links, however, cannot always be posted at the same time. In this case, a SkyHype comes in very handy.

SkyHype allows creators custom backgrounds so they can decide the vibe of their profile.

Pros of using SkyHype?

SkyHype special and a creator-centric tool is that it is an invite-only platform. A creator can invite peers who you believe have the potential to grow and should diversify.

Where in some bio-link tools social links are only available for Pro users, SkyHype allows users to display all their social media platforms on one screen for free. 

SkyHype’s easy setup gives you access to customized backgrounds. You select the picture and the feel of your profile instead of solid colors.

Your favorite images and videos can go up on the Spotlight feature. So when you share something on one platform, it is visible on your SkyHype for all to see or read. 

This feature lets you place your business at the forefront. Sell your merchandise with ease through a simple link and grow your online link. 

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Bigger thumbnails with images reach prominently to your audience, with just one click. 

The features that are often paid under many bio-link tools are free for creators like you on SkyHype

Grasp your audience and leap ahead with SkyHype. 

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