SkyHype plans to work closely with people who want to achieve their desired goal on social media. And we know how important it is for your feed to look pleasing if you are a digital artist trying to gain business via social media.

Every designer requires inspiration when beginning a new project. However, forcing your creativity to come up with new ideas not only makes you feel stressed but also has a negative impact on your productivity.

Instead of rushing to find inspiration when the deadline is approaching, surround yourself with creative people who can influence and inspire you. At the very least, try to do it digitally.

Take advantage of social platforms, such as Instagram, where you can effortlessly find tons of incredible artworks just by scrolling through the feed or with the ‘Explore’ feature. Let’s take a look at our top 5 Indian digital art Instagram accounts that you need to follow ASAP for everyday inspiration.

Sarah Modak is an incredible young artist from Mumbai. Her art displays honesty which directly touches one’s heart. She inherits the talent of playing with a variety of art techniques. At her Instagram handle, she showcased figure sketches in ink, acrylic painting, and Kangra Miniature. Follow her and find out about the various dimensions of art.

Yash Shetty’s visual catalog is diverse, and the artist likes to keep changing his style. His artistic range goes from macabre and dystopian to warm and summery. His artworks are about creating a sense of peace and visual harmony. When creating a piece, For Shetty’s art can always be bettered.

Naqvi Sarah is a textile artist based in Ahmadabad. She discusses topics such as body positivity, feminism, and other taboo subjects. Her strong thoughts are clearly reflected in her artwork. She is, after all, one of the most popular Instagram influencers, so follow her and be inspired.

Jasjyot Singh Hans is a talented illustrator and animator. In the artistic world, he covers fashion, music, and body image illustrations and showcases them on Instagram and Tumblr. Coming to emotions he is an expert in covering anger, intimacy, and sexuality.

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